So you've built your bot, or at least have what you need for the drive and control, but now you're adding a weapon- a spinner to be exact. You've seen the destruction that some of those weapons can do and want to try it out for yourself.

With the items here, you'll be well on your way to smashing up the competition!

Just add the spinner itself (bar, disc, saw, whatever), along with it's support system and bearings, and some sort of geardown system between the motor and the weapon (gears, pulleys with belts, or chain with sprockets). You'll also want a good high-discharge battery source with some high current wires.

One Ampflow A28-400 Motor

The perfect spinner motor for 60-220lb robots. The Ampflow motor, with 4.5 horsepower, will get your spinner up to speed quickly and has the power to shred even the toughest bots. See the full specs on this motor here.

Two 3" Ampflow Mounts

To secure your 3" AmpFlow (either the A28-150 or the A28-400) to your robot, you need a good set of mounts. These two 1/2" thick mounts are extremely durable and will hold the motor securely against your frame or baseplate. The default and recommended model includes heatsink fins to help dissipate the heat that the motor can produce in rigorous combat situations. Read more about these mounts here.

One 586 24VDC Power Solenoid with RC Switch

To activate your spinner remotely, you'll need something that can handle slamming full power to your motor in an instant. The 586 series White-Rodgers solenoid is a perfect solution. Simply wire one of the leads from your motor to one of the large terminals on the solenoid, and run the other straight to your battery. Then run the other large terminal to the other side of your battery and you have a circuit powerful enough to handle up to 600amps! Plug your radio receiver to the Battleswitch and its outputs to the coil of the solenoid and you will be able to remotely switch on and off this solenoid. Read more about this solenoid here. Read more about the Battleswitch switch here.

Base Price: $604